Data Cube Inc. is a full-service business consulting, specializing in  small to medium  size businesses that require help or advise on how to increase sales, develop new markets and become more profitable. We use our experience and the latest tools to develop growth strategies.  Data Cube's IT / IS department make full use of the latest in Data Reporting using Business Intelligence, Smart dashboards, Microsoft Excel, Database Development , Accounting and sales management software.  Data Cube is committed to streamline your operation and  focused on offering a variety of solutions for small businesses and mid-size companies at an affordable price.                                                                                                                                           

We Assist you with start-ups, developing your business model, site selection and producing a Business Plan that becomes your road map to success.  We don't just pull this out of a hat, we work with you and the resources you have. Our goal is your success and we are so committed that we have been known to take equity positions based on our time and investment.

Give us a call today for a free evaluation, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 



Before you jump the fence into new territory with a new service, new product, new market, major business changes, It's our job as unbiased third party professional to jump over the fence for you and investigate if the grass is really greener on the other side. A few dollars now could save you thousands later.  Our task is to investigate, evaluate and report back with a professional opinion and a view from outside your box.

Using Data Cube  is a cost effective solution that allows you to implement changes using intelligent  and timely solutions and with confidence.  As business consultants, we Study your business, it's management, including staff, work flow, product or services, clientele, market, competition and finally where growth potential lies, all to understand your business risks and potentials.  From that data we can develop a solid Business plan and marketing strategies. In addition to providing business analysis, consulting, planning, research, accounting, financial services, training and a variety of support services, including  many IS services such as senior management analysis tools like Dashboards that run on your PC or tablet that gives you a birds eye view of your entire Company at one glance.  No programming involved, we do it all for you.  We also offer a full spectrum of outsourcing services such as Data reporting, sales reports, visual analysis all remotely done  from our office to your desk or tablet on a beach in Mexico. Whether you work from simple spreadsheets or a business accounting package we can extract and amalgamate data into one visual dashboard.  We help our clients by offering a full range of Internet services such as web design, hosting, search engine optimization, blog marketing and graphic design . 

We realize that every business is different and has unique problems and needs. Therefore, we have business consultants who specialize in helping different types and sizes of businesses and their unique situations.

Data Cube can assist you in a new start-up with Feasibility studies, market  Analysis, Business Plans and even Financing.  New Product to launch?  We have been directly involved in product design, development, prototyping, Patents and manufacturing for 35 years.  We can help you realize your dreams, whether it's a new product or new restaurant, we have a professional consultant to stand by you.

We will bring a new vision to your Company, one from outside your box. Call us now for a FREE consultation, what have you got to lose?



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BI Logos

Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence is no longer the indispensable tool of the large corporation. Data analysis is so important in today's competitive market.


Dashboards are a very important tool to monitor your business. Get a bird's ey view of your entire operation at a glance. Let us design one for you.

Microsoft Excel

Excel spreadsheet design, integration, automation and much more.

BI and Report Outsourcing 

NO, not India or China, right here in your back yard.  We offer you remote reporting services, We prepare your reports, dashboards and BI services directly from our office to your screen. No IT staff costs, no worries, we prepare and submit daily, weekly, monthly or as required.

Business Consulting

Data Cube can assist you with management organisation, Start-up Assistance, Bus Plans, Market Studies and many other issues you face on a daily basis

Business Finacing

We can help in more ways than you can believe. Check our Financing section and find out just how creative we can be.


Business Analysis

We have the best Analyst team the industry can offer,  from Enterprise Analysis, Situation Analysis, Financial Analysis, work Analysis, just take a moment and read our Analysis section.

Database Developement

Count on us for timely delivery at a price you can afford. We can design, build, fix, maintain a DB application for yoy. As simple as Microsoft Access, SQL Server or other larger applications.

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Web Design

We have have a talented crew that can create any website you require. As simple as a few pages to an E-Commerce site supported by our own Graphics Arts department. You can't go wrong and our prices are fantastic.

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Graphic Arts

Few Business consultants have the resources that we have. Our Graphics dept can design logo's, stationary, flyers, manuals, signs, banners, photography we even offer wide format imaging through our subsidiary Pixl imaging .

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Accounting Software

We support Quickbooks for small to medium size business. We also support customers that still use spreadsheets and other professional systems with the same dedication.

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Sales Mgmt Software

We use Salesforce as our main application but we also offer a few other alternatives with the same goal of cost and delivery.

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We are blessed with ton's of resources to assist our customers. We have Data Cube Capital to assist in sourcing money, investors or partners, Pixl imaging which provide our customers with Logo's, Digital Printing from stationary to banners. Direct CRE , CRE Business and RE ( commercial property and business listings also coming soon)

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